Cancelling your Subscription to Night Sky+ or Requesting a Refund

We’re able to provide instructions on how to cancel your subscription to Night Sky.

You are able to cancel your subscription quickly yourself by following this link – and clicking the blue ‘Cancel a Subscription’ button. This is the quickest and easiest way to cancel.

Alternatively you can contact Apple Support via this link –, they will be able to look at refunds and cancel any subscription you may have.  Please note refunds are subject to the App Store standard refund policies.

You are also able to cancel your subscription via Night Sky by going to the Main menu, then Settings > Manage my Night Sky+ > Cancel Subscription.  This will take you to your App Store subscription management page.

Please note as the developer we do not hold your personal purchase information ourselves or any data on your App Store account purchase. Your purchase is with the App Store, not directly with Night Sky, and Apple manages all payments and processing of subscriptions. You must contact Apple for subscription cancellation and refund queries, it is impossible for us as the developer to action these for you.

Night Sky support is only able to offer support for the functions of Night Sky app, not for App Store subscriptions and purchases at this time as we do not have any access to the payment system or your data.

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